Cameron and mark russell-byrd have been in the cheerleading and tumbling industry for well over 18 years collectively OVER competitive AND SCHOOL CHEER. THEY HAVE COACHED MULTIPLE TEAMS TO SEVERAL GRAND CHAMPIONSHIPS AND MULTIPLE FIRST PLACES and top 3 awards. they have experience coaching athletes of all ages from two years of age up to collegiate age athletes working level 6 skills. they have coached teams that compete at prestigious local and national competitions over their careers placing top 3. even getting first places with teams scoring over 95%+ out of 100! 


Cameron is a native to this area and grew up right in shelby. Cameron graduated from Burns high school and cheerED 3 years throughout high school. Whilst in high school cameron found competitive cheer in his sophomore year at aviator Allstars. After that cameron cheered his last two seasons that he could. He finished his final season competing on a worlds team AT CHARLOTTE ALLSTARS ON MIDNIGHT and made it to the top 10 at the cheerleading worlds IN 2014.


Mark russell is a nebraska native. He moved to North Carolina to better his coaching career. Mark cheered 3 years of high school. After he finished high school he got accepted to cheer on his dream team. Mark moved out to california to cheer on his all time favorite worlds team California allstars cali coed. Mark placed 2nd at the cheerleading world championships IN 2014.